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Transistors (NPN/PNP) NPN 8A 50V TO-252-2 (DPAK) RoHS
Manufacturer: Unisonic

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Product Category
Bipolar Transistors - BJT
Bipolar Transistors - Bjt
TO - 252 - 2 (DPAK)
Brand Category
Transistor Type
Current - Collector Ic Max
8 A
Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown Max
50 V
Power - Max
1 W
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UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD 2SD1804 NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR HIGH CURRENT SWITCHING APPLICATIONS 1 TO-220 FEATURES * Low collector-to-emitter saturation voltage * High current and high f T 1 * Excellent linerarity of h . FE TO-251 * Fast switching time * Small and slim package making it easy to make UTC 2SD1804 applied sets smaller. 1 TO-252 ORDERING INFORMATION Ordering Number Pin Assignment Package Packing Lead Free Halogen Free 1 2 3 2SD1804L-x-TA3-T 2SD1804G-x-TA3-T TO-220 B C E Tube 2SD1804L-x-TM3-T 2SD1804G-x-TM3-T TO-251 B C E Tube 2SD1804L-x-TN3-R 2SD1804G-x-TN3-R TO-252 B C E Tape Reel Note: Pin Assignment: B: Base C: Collector E: Emitter MARKING 1 of 5 Copyright 2016 Unisonic Technologies Co., Ltd QW-R209-006.F 2SD1804 NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING (T =25C, unless otherwise specified) A PARAMETER SYMBOL RATINGS UNIT Collector-Base Voltage V 60 V CBO Collector-Emitter Voltage V 50 V CEO Emitter-Base Voltage V 6 V EBO Collector Current I 8 A C Collector Current(PULSE) I 12 A C(PULSE) TO-220 2 T =25C W A TO-251/TO-252 1 Collector Dissipation P D TO-220 65 T =25C W C TO-251/TO-252 20 Junction Temperature T +150 C J Storage Temperature T -55~+150 C STG Note Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which the device could be permanently damaged. Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only and functional device operation is not implied. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (T =25C, unless otherwise specified) A PARAMETER SYMBOL TEST CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAXUNIT Collector-Base Breakdown Voltage BV I =10A, I=0 60 V CBO C E Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage BV I =1mA, R = 50 V CEO C BE Emitter-Base Breakdown Voltage BV I =10A, I=0 6 V EBO E C Collector Cutoff Current I V =40V, I=0 1 A CBO CB E Emitter Cutoff Current I V =4V, I=0 1 A EBO EB C h V =2V, I=0.5A 70 400 FE1 CE C DC Current Gain h V =2V, I=6A 35 FE2 CE C Gain-Bandwidth Product f V =5V, I=1A 180 MHz T CE C Output Capacitance C V=10V, f=1MHz 65 pF ob CE Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage V I =4A, I=0.2A 200 400mV CE(SAT) C B Base-Emitter Saturation Voltage V I =4A, I=0.2A 0.95 1.3V BE(SAT) C B Storage Time t See test circuit 500 ns STG Fall Time t See test circuit 20 ns F CLASSIFICATION OF h FE1 RANK Q R S T RANGE 70-140 100-200 140-280 200-400 UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD 2 of 5 QW-R209-006.F

Tariff Concession Code
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8541.21.00 16 No - - With a dissipation rate of less than 1 W Free


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Unisonic Tech
UTC(Unisonic Tech)