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Cirrus Logic Microprocessors - MPU IC Universal Platfrm ARM9 SOC Prcessor
Manufacturer: Cirrus Logic

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Cirrus Logic

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Cirrus Logic
Product Category
Microprocessors - MPU
Data Bus Width
32 bit
Maximum Clock Frequency
200 MHz
Interface Type
Audio, Ethernet, I2s, Irda, Spi, Uart, Usb
Operating Supply Voltage
1.8 V
Number of Cores
1 Core
Mounting Style
Package / Case
PBGA - 352
L1 Cache Instruction Memory
16 Kb
L1 Cache Data Memory
16 Kb
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 85 C
Memory Type
L1 Cache
Cirrus Logic
Number Of I/Os
47 I/O
I/O Voltage
3.3 V
Number Of Timers/Counters
2x16 bit , 1x32 bit , 1x40 bit
Processor Series
Factory Pack Quantity :
Watchdog Timers
watchdog Timer
Hts Code
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E P9312 Universal Platform ARM9 System-on-Chip Processor High-Performance ARM920T Design Ideal for Broad Range of Applications E P9312 The EP9312 is a highly integrated system- DVR, VOIP, fitness equipment, home high volume applications. Furthermore, on-chip processor that paves the way for automation and GPS devices will benefit by enabling or disabling the EP9312s a multitude of next-generation consumer from the EP9312s integrated architecture peripheral interfaces, designers can and industrial electronic products. and advanced features. In fact, with reduce development costs and accelerate Designers of digital media servers and amazingly agile performance provided time to market by creating a single jukeboxes, telematic control systems, by a 200 MHz ARM920T processor, platform that can be easily modified to thin clients, set-top boxes, point-of sale and featuring an incredibly wide breadth deliver a variety of differentiated end terminals, industrial and building controls, of peripheral interfaces, the EP9312 is products. biometric security systems, NAS, security, well suited to an even broader range of EP9312 Features 200 MHz ARM920T Processor Integrated Peripheral Interfaces Internal Peripherals 16 KB data cache and 16 KB EIDE, up to 2 devices Real-Time clock with software trim instruction cache 1/10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC 12 DMA channels for data transfer MMU enabling Linux and Windows CE that maximizes system performance Three-port USB 2.0 Full Speed host (OHCI) 100 MHz system bus Boot ROM Three UARTs (16550 Type) Dual PLLs control all clock domains IrDA interface, slow and fast mode MaverickCrunch Math Engine Watchdog timer Floating point, integer and signal LCD interface with dedicated SDRAM channel processing instructions Two general purpose 16-bit timers Touch screen interface Optimized for digital music General purpose 32-bit timer SPI port compression algorithms 40-bit debug timer AC 97 interface Hardware interlocks allow in-line coding 2 I S interface, up to 6 channels General-Purpose I/Os MaverickKey IDs for Digital Rights 8x8 keypad scanner 16 enhanced GPIOs including Management or Design IP Security interrupt capability External Memory Options 32-bit unique ID 49 additional optional GPIOs 32-bit SDRAM interface, up to four banks 128-bit random ID multiplexed on peripherals 32/16/8-bit SRAM/Flash/ROM I/F Serial EEPROM interface www.cirrus.comOvERvIEW The single-cycle integer multiply- High-Performance ARM920T Processor Core Integrated Three-port USB 2.0 accumulate instruction in the Full Speed Host with Transceivers The EP9312 features an advanced MaverickCrunch engine allows the The EP9312 integrates three USB 2.0 Full ARM920T processor design with an MMU EP9312 to offer unique speed and Speed host ports. Fully compliant to the that supports Linux , Windows CE and performance while encoding digital audio OHCI USB 2.0 Full Speed specification many other embedded operating systems. and video formats, processing data via (12 Mbps), the host ports can be used The ARM920Ts 32-bit microcontroller Ethernet, and performing other math- to provide connections to a number of architecture, with a five-stage pipeline, intensive computing and data-processing external devices including mass storage delivers impressive performance at functions in consumer and industrial devices, external portable devices such very low power. The included 16 KB electronics. as audio players or cameras, printers instruction cache and 16 KB data cache or USB hubs. Naturally, the three-port provide zero-cycle latency to the current MaverickKey Unique ID Secures USB host also supports the USB 2.0 program and data, or can be locked to Digital Content and OEM Designs Low Speed standard. This provides provide guaranteed no-latency access the opportunity to create a wide array to critical instructions and data. For MaverickKey unique hardware of flexible system configurations. applications with instruction memory size programmed IDs provide an excellent restrictions, the ARM920Ts compressed solution to the growing concern over Thumb instruction set provides a secure Web content and commerce. With Integrated Ethernet MAC Reduces BOM Costs space-efficient design that maximizes Internet security playing an important The EP9312 integrates a 1/10/100 external instruction memory usage. role in the delivery of digital media Mbps Ethernet Media Access such as books or music, traditional Controller (MAC) on board. With a software methods are quickly becoming MaverickCrunch Math Engine for simple connection to an MII-based unreliable. The MaverickKey unique IDs Ultra-Fast Math Processing external PHY, an EP9312-based provide OEMs with a method of utilizing The MaverickCrunch engine is an system has easy, high-performance, specific hardware IDs for DRM (Digital advanced mixed-mode math coprocessor cost-effective Internet capability. Rights Management) mechanisms. that greatly accelerates the single and Both a specific 32-bit ID as well as a double-precision integer and floating- Support for a Wide Array of Display 128-bit random ID is programmed into point processing capabilities of the Interfaces with a Flexible Raster Controller the EP9312 through the use of laser ARM920T processor core. The engine The EP9312 processor provides timing probing technology. These IDs can then simplifies the end-users programming and interface signals for digital LCD, be used to match secure copyrighted task by using predefined coprocessor TFT, and CRT displays. It is fully content with the ID of the target device instructions, by utilizing standard ARM programmable for either non-interlaced or that the EP9312 is powering, and then compiler tools, and by requiring just one dual-scan color and grayscale flat panel deliver the copyrighted information debugger session for the entire system. displays, with up to 18 bits-per-pixel of over a secure connection. In addition, Furthermore, the integrated design color resolution. System performance secure transactions can benefit by provides a single instruction stream and is enhanced with a separate dedicated matching device IDs to server IDs. the advantage of zero latency for cached data path to the SDRAM-based frame instructions. To emulate this capability, MaverickKey IDs can also be used by buffer, which supports resolutions up competitors solutions add a DSP to OEMs and design houses to protect to 1024x768. A 16-bit PWM provides the system, which requires separate against design piracy by presetting control for LCD panel contrast. compiler/linker/debugger tool sets. This ranges for unique IDs. For more In addition, the EP9312 provides additional DSP requires programmers information on securing your design direct timing and interface signals to write two separate programs and using MaverickKey, please contact your for TV displays, with support for both debug them simultaneously, which can Cirrus Logic sales representative. NTSC and PAL formats through result in frustration and costly delays. either RGB or YCrCb outputs.

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8542.31.00 52 No ..CMOS and MOS Microprocessors (MPU), Microcontrollers (MCU) and Digital Signal Processors (DSP)

Electronic integrated circuits: Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits
Monolithic integrated circuits Digital.

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Cirrus Logic Inc
Cirrus Logic Inc.
Wolfson / Cirrus Logic
Wolfson Microelectronics PLC