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Oneboard computer; RAM:128MB; AT91SAM9G25; 53x25mm; 3.3VDC; DDR2
Manufacturer: Acme

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Product Category
Single Board Computers
400 MHz
A/D, Gpio, I2c, Pwm, Spi, Uart, Usb Host
Kind Of Connector
Idc40, Usb B Micro
Programmers And Development Kits Features
Socket For Microsd Cards, Microcontroller I/O Lines Lead To Goldpin Connectors
Kind Of Memory
Product Is Not A Working Device, But Only Component
Type Of Kit
Oneboard Computer
Ram Memory Capacity
Supply Voltage
3.3 VDC
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 3V3 COL1 L1 CODD1 DD1 PILF201 COGN1 VDDPLLA GN1 PIL101 PIL102 PIGN101 1V0 VBAT 1 COGN2 PIDD101 GN2 COLF2 LF2 10uH 0805 GN TEST POINT PIR101 PIC101 LF 221 PIGN201 COC1 COR1 PIDD1033 VDDBU C1 R1 COC3 3V3 C3 100nF 1R COR2 PIC102 GN TEST POINT PIC401 R2 COC4 PILF202 PIR102 2 C4 PIDD102 PIR201 PIR202 PIC301 PIC302 100nF PIC501 JCOJ11 R3COR3 1k PC16 WIFI WPS PIC402 COC5 PIR301 PIR302 1R C5 4uF7 5V VBAT COGN3 PIJ101 PIJ102 DualDiodeCMCAT 3V3 GN3 4uF7 1 2 PIGN301 PIC502 NRST USBA N PIJ103 PIJ104 GN TEST POINT 3 4 GND 3V3 USBA P PIJ105 PIJ106 5 6 COAB1 3V3 PA23 PA22 AB1 PIC601 PIC602 PIJ107 7 8 PIJ108 COC6 COL3 1V8 C6 L3 GND PA21 Q7 PIJ109 PIJ1010 PIAB10Q7 100nF GND 9 10 WPS PIC801 COC14 PIC1401 PIC1201 PIC5701 C14 GND VDDOSC PA24 PA31 Q6 COC8 COC9 COC12 PIL301 PIL302 PIJ1011 PIJ1012 PIAB10Q6 A C8 C9 COC57 C12 3V3 Put near VDDUTMII 11 12 LED GND A C57 PA25 PA30 Q5 COGN4 PIJ1013 PIJ1014 PIAB10Q5 10uF 10uH 0805 GN4 3V3 13 14 GND PIC5702 PIGN401 PIC802 PIC1001 PIC901 PIC1101 100nF 100nFPIC1402 PIC1202 100nF 1V0 3V3 PA26 USBB P Q4 USBB P COC10 COC11 PIC1301 PIR501 PIJ1015 PIJ1016 PIAB10Q4 C10 C11 GN TEST POINT 15 16 UD+ COC13 C13 PA27 USBB N Q3 USBB N 100nF 100nF R5COR5 PIC1501 PIJ1017 17 18 PIJ1018 UD- PIAB10Q3 PIC1002 PIC902 PIC1102 1V0 100nF C1COC155 PA28 USBC N Q2 PIJ1019 PIJ1020 PIAB10Q2 PIC1302 1R 19 20 VCC 3V3 GND 100nF PA29 USBC P Q1 PIR502 PIC1502 PIJ1021 PIJ1022 PIAB10Q1 100nF GND 21 22 TXEN PIC1601 PA0 PA1 COC16 PIJ1023 PIJ1024 PIC1701 C16 23 24 COR6 COC17 R6 C17 PA8 PA7 GWF-3M08 PIJ1025 PIJ1026 PIR602 PIR601 4uF7 25 26 COU1 PIC1602 GND U1 4uF7 PA6 PIJ1027 PIJ1028 PA5 PIC1702 27 28 10k PIC1801 AT91SAM9G25 PC28 PC27 PIJ1029 PIJ1030 COC18 PIU10D10 PIU10D13 PIU10F14 PIU10J14 PIU10K14 PIU10P7 PIU10H4 PIU10B5 PIU10C6 PIU10R12 PIU10T13 PIU10K9 PIU10K8 PIU10H14 PIU10U16 PIU10T17 29 30 COR7 C18 R7 PC4 PC31 PC30 PIC1802 PIJ1031 31 32 PIJ1032 PIR701 PIR702 10uF PC3 PB11 PIJ1033 PIJ1034 0 GND 33 34 PA0 L3 P13 PC2 PB12 PIU10L3 PIU10P13 PIJ1035 PIJ1036 PA0/TXD0/SPI1 NPCS1 PD0/NANDOE GND 35 36 PA1 P1 R14 PC1 PB13 PIU10P1 PIU10R14 PIJ1037 PIJ1038 PA1/RXD0/SPI0 NPCS2 PD1/NANDWE 1V0 Put near VDDUTMIC 37 38 L4 R13 PC0 PB14 GND PIU10L4 PIU10R13 PIJ1039 PIJ1040 PA2/RTS0/MCI1 DA1/ETX0 PD2/A21/NANDALE 39 40 N4 P15 1V0 1V0 PIU10N4 PA3/CTS0/MCI1 DA2/ETX1 PD3/A22/NANDCLE PIU10P15 PIC1901 T3 P12 C1COC199 JJ HDR2X20 6mm M PIU10T3 PIU10P12 PA4/SCK0/MCI1 DA3/ETXER PD4/NCS3 PIC201 PA5 R1 P14 100nF PIC5501 PIU10R1 PA5/TXD1 PD5/NWAIT PIU10P14 PIC1902 PIC2001 COC2C2 COC55 PA6 R4 N14 COC20C20 C55 PIU10R4 PIU10N14 PA6/RXD1 PD6/D16 100nF PIC5502 PA7 R3 R15 4uF7 PIC202 100nF PIU10R3 PIU10R15 PIC2002 PA7/TXD2/SPI0 NPCS1 PD7/D17 PA8 P4 M14 PIU10P4 PA8/RXD2/SPI1 NPCS0 PD8/D18 PIU10M14 DRXD U3 N16 PIU10U3 PIU10N16 PA9/DRXD PD9/D19 DTXD T1 N17 GND GND PIU10T1 PA10/DTXD PD10/D20 PIU10N17 U1 N15 PB8 PIU10U1 PIU10N15 PA11/SPI0 MISO/MCI1 DA0 PD11/D21 PIR801 T2 K15 PIU10T2 PIU10K15 COR8 PA12/SPI0 MOSI/MCI1 CDA PD12/D22 GND R8 T4 M15 PIU10T4 PA13/SPI0 SPCK/MCI1 CK PD13/D23 PIU10M15 1k U2 L14 PIU10U2 PIU10L14 PIR802 PA14/SPI0 NPCS0 PD14/D24 PA15 U4 M16 PID20A PIU10U4 PA15/MCI0 DA0 PD15/D25/A20 PIU10M16 PA16 P5 L16 COD2D2 PIU10P5 PIU10L16 PA16/MCI0 CDA PD16/D26/A23 PID20K PA17 R5 L15 GREEN PIU10R5 PIU10L15 PA17/MCI0 CK PD17/D27/A24 PA18 U5 K17 PIU10U5 PIU10K17 PA18/MCI0 DA1 PD18/D28/A25 PA19 T5 J17 PIU10T5 PIU10J17 PA19/MCI0 DA2 PD19/D29/NCS2 PA20 U6 K16 GND PIU10U6 PA20/MCI0 DA3 PD20/D30/NCS4 PIU10K16 PA21 T6 J16 PIU10T6 PIU10J16 PA21/TIOA0/SPI1 MISO PD21/D31/NCS5 PA22 R6 PIU10R6 PA22/TIOA1/SPI1 MOSI PA23 U7 PIU10U7 PA23/TIOA2/SPI1 SPCK PA24 T7 D14 D0 PIU10T7 PIU10D14 PA24/TCLK0/TK D0 PA25 T8 D15 D1 PIU10T8 PA25/TCLK1/TF D1 PIU10D15 PA26 R7 A16 D2 PIU10R7 PIU10A16 PA26/TCLK2/TD D2 PA27 P8 B16 D3 1V8 PIU10P8 PA27/TIOB0/RD D3 PIU10B16 100nF 100nF 100nF 100nF 100nF 100nF 100nF 100nF 100nF 100nF 100nF 100nF 100nF B PA28 U8 A17 D4 B PIU10U8 PIU10A17 PA28/TIOB1/RK D4 COC22 COC23 COC24 COC25 COC26 COC27 COC28 COC29 PA29 R9 B15 D5 PIC2201 C22 PIC2301C23 PIC2401 C24 PIC2501 C25 PIC2601 C26 PIC2701C27 PIC2801 C28 PIC2901 C29 PIC2101 PIC5101 PIC5201 PIC5301 PIC5401 PIU10R9 PA29/TIOB2/RF D5 PIU10B15 PA30 R8 C14 D6 COC21C21 C5COC511 C5COC522 COC53C53 C5COC544 PIU10R8 PIU10C14 PA30/TWD0/SPI1 NPCS3/EMDC D6 PIC2102 PIC5102 PIC5202 PIC5302 PIC5402 PA31 U9 B14 D7 PIC2202 PIC2302 PIC2402 PIC2502 PIC2602 PIC2702 PIC2802 PIC2902 PIU10U9 PIU10B14 PA31/TWCK0/SPI1 NPCS2/ETXEN D7 A15 D8 D8 PIU10A15 C15 D9 GND PIU10C15 COU2 D9 U2 D12 D10 D10 PIU10D12 IC DDR2 64Mx16 PIU20J9 PIU20R1 PIU20E1 PIU20A1 PIU20M9 PIU20G9 PIU20E9 PIU20C9 PIU20A9 PIU20C1 PIU20G1 PIU20C3 PIU20G3 PIU20C7 PIU20G7 PIU20J1 D3 C13 D11 PIU10D3 PB0/ERX0/RTS2 D11 PIU10C13 D4 A14 D12 GND M8 A2 PIU10D4 PIU10A14 PIU20M8 PB1/ERX1/CTS2 D12 A0 D2 B13 D13 M3 A3 ClassName: DDR PIU10D2 PB2/ERXER/SCK2 D13 PIU10B13 A1 PIU20M3 E4 A13 D14 M7 A4 PIU10E4 PIU10A13 PIU20M7 PB3/ERXDV/SPI0 NPCS3 D14 ClassName: DDR A2 D1 C12 D15 N2 A5 PIU10D1 PB4/ETXCK/TWD2 D15 PIU10C12 A3 PIU20N2 E3 N8 A6 PIU10E3 PIU20N8 PB5/EMDIO/TWCK2 A4 B3 D0 G8 N3 A7 ClassName: DDRADDCMD PIU10B3 PIU20G8 PIU20N3 PB6/EMDC DQ0 A5 C2 J15 D1 G2 N7 A8 PIU10C2 PB7/ETXEN A0 PIU10J15 PIU20G2 DQ1 A6 PIU20N7 PB8 C5 H16 D2 H7 P2 A9 PIU10C5 PIU10H16 PIU20H7 PIU20P2 PB8/ETXER A1 DQ2 A7 C1 H15 A2 ClassName: DDRDATA 0 D3 H3 P8 A10 PIU10C1 PB9/ETX0/PCK1 A2 PIU10H15 PIU20H3 DQ3 A8 PIU20P8 B2 H17 A3 D4 H1 P3 A11 PIU10B2 PIU10H17 PIU20H1 PIU20P3 PB10/ETX1/PCK0 A3 DQ4 A9 PB11 A3 G17 A4 D5 H9 M2 SDA10 PIU10A3 PB11/ETX2/PWM0 A4 PIU10G17 PIU20H9 DQ5 A10/AP PIU20M2 PB12 B4 G16 A5 D6 F1 P7 A13 PIU10B4 PB12/ETX3/PWM1 A5 PIU10G16 PIU20F1 DQ6 A11 PIU20P7 PB13 A2 F17 A6 D7 F9 R2 A14 PIU10A2 PIU10F17 PIU20F9 PIU20R2 PB13/ERX2/PWM2 A6 DQ7 A12 PB14 C4 E17 A7 D8 C8 R8 A15 PIU10C4 PB14/ERX3/PWM3 A7 PIU10E17 PIU20C8 DQ8 A13 PIU20R8 C3 F16 A8 D9 C2 R3 PIU10C3 PIU10F16 PIU20C2 PIU20R3 PB15/ERXCK A8 DQ9 A14 PB16 A1 G15 A9 D10 D7 R7 PIU10A1 PB16/ECRS A9 PIU10G15 ClassName: DDRDATA 1 PIU20D7 DQ10 A15 PIU20R7 B1 G14 A10 D11 D3 PIU10B1 PIU10G14 PIU20D3 PB17/ECOL A10 DQ11 D5 F15 A11 D12 D1 A8 PIU10D5 PIU10F15 PIU20D1 PIU20A8 PB18/IRQ/ADTRG A11 DQ12 UDQS D17 D13 D9 B7 DQS1 A12 PIU10D17 PIU20D9 DQ13 UDQS PIU20B7 ClassName: DDRDATA 1 1V8 C17 A13 D14 B1 PIU10C17 PIU20B1 A13 DQ14 E16 A14 D15 B9 E8 A14 PIU10E16 PIU20B9 DQ15 LDQS PIU20E8 PIL401 PC0 E2 D16 A15 F7 DQS0 PIU10E2 PIU10D16 PIU20F7 PC0/ISI D0/TWD1 A15 LDQS ClassName: DDRDATA 0 LCOL44 PC1 F4 C16 A16 PIU10F4 PC1/ISI D1/TWCK1 A16 PIU10C16 10uH 0805 PC2 F3 B17 A17 A16 L2 J8 DDR CLK P PIU10F3 PC2/ISI D2/TIOA3 A17 PIU10B17 PIU20L2 BA0 CK PIU20J8 PC3 H2 E15 A18 A17 L3 K8 DDR CLK N PIU10H2 PIU10E15 PIU20L3 PIU20K8 PC3/ISI D3/TIOB3 A18 BA1 CK ClassName: DDRADDCMD PC4 E1 E14 ClassName: DDRADDCMD A18 L1 PIU10E1 PC4/ISI D4/TCLK3 A19 PIU10E14 PIU20L1 BA2 PIL402 G4 B9 K7 RAS PIU10G4 PIU10B9 PIU20K7 PC5/ISI D5/TIOA4 NCS0 RAS F2 B8 NCS1 L7 CAS PIU10F2 PC6/ISI D6/TIOB4 NCS1 PIU10B8 CAS PIU20L7 F1 D9 ClassName: DDR E2 L8 NCS1 PIR901 PIU10F1 PC7/ISI D7/TCLK4 NRD PIU10D9 PIU20E2 NC CS PIU20L8 PIR1001 R9COR9 G1 C9 A2 K9 PIU10G1 PC8/ISI D8/UTXD0 NWR0 PIU10C9 PIU20A2 NC ODT PIU20K9 R1COR100 PIC3001 G3 C7 K3 SDWE GND 1R PIU10G3 PC9/ISI D9/URXD0 NWR1 PIU10C7 WE PIU20K3 C3COC300 1k5 1% PIR902 C G2 A8 K2 SDCKE C PIU10G2 PIU10A8 PIU20K2 PIC3002 100nF PIR1002 PC10/ISI D10/PWM0 NWR3 CKE H3 D11 DDR CLK P J2 DDRVREF PIU10H3 PC11/ISI D11/PWM1 SDCK PIU10D11 VREF PIU20J2 J3 C11 DDR CLK N F3 DQM0 PIC3101 PIU10J3 PIU10C11 PIU20F3 PC12/ISI PCK/TIOA5 SDCK LDM ClassName: DDRDATA 0 C3COC311 PIR1101 L2 B12 SDCKE B3 DQM1 PIC3201 PIU10L2 PC13/ISI VSYNC/TIOB5 SDCKE PIU10B12 UDM PIU20B3 R1COR111 H1 B11 RAS ClassName: DDRDATA 1 PIC3102 100nF C3COC322 PIU10H1 PC14/ISI HSYNC/TCLK5 RAS PIU10B11 1k5 1% PIC3202 4uF7 J2 C10 CAS PIU10J2 PIU10C10 PIR1102 PC15/ISI MCK/PCK0 CAS PC16 J1 A12 SDWE PIU20N1 PIU20J3 PIU20P9 PIU20A3 PIU20E3 PIU20H8 PIU20F8 PIU20D8 PIU20H2 PIU20D2 PIU20F2 PIU20A7 PIU20B8 PIU20E7 PIU20B2 PIU20J7 PIU10J1 PC16/UTXD1 SDWE PIU10A12 PC17 L1 C8 SDA10 PIU10L1 PIU10C8 PC17/URXD1 SDA10 K2 A10 DQM0 GND GND GND PIU10K2 PC18/PWM0 DQM0 PIU10A10 ClassName: DDR N3 B10 DQM1 GND PIU10N3 PC19/PWM1 DQM1 PIU10B10 K1 A11 DQS0 PIU10K1 PIU10A11 PC20/PWM2 DQS0 M3 A9 DQS1 PIU10M3 PC21/PWM3 DQS1 PIU10A9 P3 PIU10P3 PC22/TXD3 J4 PIU10J4 PC23/RXD3 K3 T14 R1COR122 39 1% PIU10K3 PC24/RTS3 HFSDPA/DFSDP PIU10T14 PIR1201 PIR1202 COR13 M2 T15 R13 39 1% PIU10M2 PC25/CTS3 HFSDMA/DFSDM PIU10T15 PIR1301 PIR1302 P2 U14 COR14R14 0 USBA P PIU10P2 PC26/SCK3 HHSDPA/DHSDP PIU10U14 PIR1401 PIR1402 ClassName: USB PC27 M1 U15 COR15R15 0 USBA N PIU10M1 PIU10U15 PIR1501 PIR1502 PC27/RTS1 HHSDMA/DHSDM PC28 K4 R16 COR16R16 39 1% PIU10K4 PC28/CTS1 HFSDPB PIU10R16 PIR1601 PIR1602 N1 P16 COR17R17 39 1% ClassName: microSDheader PIU10N1 PC29/SCK1 HFSDMB PIU10P16 PIR1701 PIR1702 PC30 R2 R17 COR18R18 0 USBB P PIU10R2 PC30 HHSDPB PIU10R17 PIR1801 PIR1802 COJJ1JJ1 COC33C33 GN TEST POINT PC31 N2 P17 COR19R19 0 USBB N PIC3302 PIC3301 PIU10N2 PC31/FIQ/PCK1 HHSDMB PIU10P17 PIR1901 PIR1902 UCOU33 22pF COGN8GN8 L17 U P R2COR200 27 PIY101 HFSDPC PIU10L17 PIR2001 PIR2002 MCI0 DA1 PA18 1 16 SD data1 8 COY1Y1 M17U N R2COR211 27 USBC P microSD signals PIU301 SDData1 Data1 PIU3016 PIJJ108 DAT1 GND HFSDMC PIU10M17 PIR2101 PIR2102 MCI0 DA0 PA15 2 15 SD data0 7 TransFlash socket 32kHz768 PIGN801 32kHz A6 USBC N PIU302 SDData0 Data0 PIU3015 PIJJ107 DAT0 PIU10A6 XIN32 MCI2 CK PA17 3 14 SD clk 6 COC34C34 PIY102 A5 R11 DIBN 3V3 PA20 MCI0 DA3 PIU303 SDCLK CLK PIU3014 PIJJ106 VSS PIC3402 PIC3401 PIU10A5 XOUT32 DIBN PIU10R11 4 13 5 Card Bottom View 18pF 12MHz T12 P11 DIBP PA19 MCI0 DA2 PIU304 ESD1 ESD1 PIU3013 PIJJ105 CLK PIU10T12 XIN DIBP PIU10P11 5 12 4 PIR2201 PIR2301 PIR2401 PIU305 PIU3012 PIJJ104 U12 PA18 MCI0 DA1 ESD3 VCC VDD PIU10U12 XOUT COR22R22 COR23R23 COR24R24 MCI0 CDA PA16 6 11 SD cmd 3 VBG U17 PA17 MCI0 CK PIU306 SDCMD CMD PIU3011 PIJJ103 CMD PIU10U17 VBG 100k 100k 100k MCI0 DA3 PA20 7 10 SD data3 2 WKUP U10 TCK PA16 MCI0 CDA PIU307 SDData3 Data3 PIU3010 PIJJ102 CD/DAT3 PIU10U10 PIR2202 PIR2302 PIR2402 TCK MCI0 DA2 PA19 8 9 SD data2 1 T9 TDI PA15 MCI0 DA0 PIU308 SDData2 Data2 PIU309 PIJJ101 DAT2 TDI PIU10T9 COGN9GN9 VDDBU COR25R25 100k A7 T10 PIR2501 PIR2502 PIU10A7 WKUP TDO PIU10T10 3V3 PIGN901 SHDN D8 U11 TMS PIU10D8 SHDN TMS PIU10U11 CM1624 D7 PIU3017 ClassName: microSDmicro GN TEST POINT COR26R26 JTAGSEL PIU10D7 PIC3501 PIC3601 B7 R10 100k GND PIU10B7 TST RTCK PIU10R10 C3COC355 C3COC366 P9 PIJJ109 PIJJ1010 PIJJ1011 PIJJ1012 PIC3502 PIC3602 3V3 PIR2601 PIR2602 PIU10P9 BMS P10 A4 ADVREF PIR2701 PIR2702 PIU10P10 PIU10A4 NRST ADVREF GND JJ TRANSFLASH T11 COY2Y2 PIC3701 COR27R27 PIU10T11 NTRST C3COC377 3 1 JTAGSEL R2COR288 1k PIY203 PIY201 10k 100nF PIR2801 PIR2802 GND GND LCOLF3F3 PIC3801 PIC3901 PIC4001 PIR2901 PIC3702 D COC38C38 COC39C39 COC40C40 10uF 100nF GND D COR29R29 VDDANA 27pF 27pF 10pF NRST PILF301 PILF302 PIU10H9 PIU10H10 PIU10J9 PIU10J10 PIU10M4 PIU10P6 PIU10B6 PIU10D6 PIU10U13 PIU10K10 PIU10J8 PIU10H8 PIU10T16 PIR3001 PIC3802 2 4 PIC3902 PIC4002 6k8 1% GND PIY202 PIY204 COR30R30 PIC4101 LF 221 change to resistor to lower ADVREF C4COC411 GND 12 MHz PIR2902 RR 0603 N.M. 10nF PIR3002 PIC4102 mount to lower ADVREF GND GND GND According to ABM8G DS: shunt capacitance = 10pF GND GND GND ACME Systems srl Title ARIETTA G25 CPU Size: A2 Number:1 Revision:1.0 Date: 26/06/2014 Time: 17:42:00 Sheet1 of 2 File: C: MySyncFolder PCB 1 AriettaG25 Arietta CPU.SchDoc 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 1 H9 GNDIOM H10 D10 GNDIOM VDDIOM J9 D13 GNDIOM VDDIOM J10 F14 GNDIOM VDDIOM J14 VDDNF M4 K14 GNDIOP VDDNF P6 GNDIOP P7 VDDIOP0 B6 H4 GNDBU VDDIOP1 D6 B5 GNDANA VDDBU U13 C6 VDDANA GNDOSC VDDANA K10 R12 VDDPLLA GNDCORE VDDPLLA J8 T13 VDDOSC GNDCORE VDDOSC H8 GNDCORE K9 VDDCORE K8 VDDCORE T16 H14 GNDUTMI VDDCORE U16 VDDUTMII T17 VDDUTMIC N1 J9 VSS VDD J3 R1 VSS VDD P9 E1 VSS VDD A3 A1 VSS VDD E3 M9 VSS VDD H8 G9 VSSQ VDDQ F8 E9 VSSQ VDDQ D8 C9 17 VSSQ VDDQ GND H2 A9 VSSQ VDDQ D2 C1 VSSQ VDDQ F2 G1 VSSQ VDDQ A7 C3 VSSQ VDDQ B8 G3 VSSQ VDDQ E7 C7 VSSQ VDDQ B2 G7 VSSQ VDDQ J7 J1 VSSDL VDDL 9 9 10 10 11 11 12 121 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 COR31 R31 3V3 PB16 PIR3101 PIR3102 5V J2COJ2 RR 47k 5% PIR3202 COJ3J3 1 R32COR32 COLC1 PIJ201 LC1 VCC USBA N 2 PIJ301 RR 47k 5% PILC102 PILC101 PIJ202 1 D- EN5V PIR3201 3 PIJ302 PIJ203 2 D+ DTXD 4 PIJ303 PIJ204 3 ID IC CAT811TTBI-T3 DRXD USBA P 5 PIJ304 PILC103 PILC104 PIJ205 4 GND PIR3401 COR33 WKUP GND R33 PIJ305 LC DLP11S 3 2 NRST 5 COR34 R34 PIU403 PIU402 PIR3301 PIR3302 MR RST 6 3V3 6 PIJ306 PIJ206 Chassis A 10k RR 2k2 5% A 7 4 PIJ207 Chassis PIR3402 PIU404 VCC JJ HDR 1x6 2.54mm 8 PIJ208 Chassis 3V3 9 PIJ209 Chassis COLF1 LF1 10 PIU401 PIJ2010 PIR3501 Chassis 11 COR35 R35 PILF101 PILF102 PIJ2011 COU4 Chassis U4 RR 47k 5% LF 221 JJ USB Micro SMD PIR3502 GND EARTH COP1 P1 GND COR46 R46 1 2 PC17 PIP101 PIP102 PIR4601 PIR4602 SW KTH33050 1k GND L6COL6 2uH2 3V3 COR36 R36 5V 3V3INT COGN5GN5 PIL601 PIL602 PIR3601 PIR3602 PIGN501 COU5 U5 NCP1529 SMALL GN TEST POINT 3 5 RR 0R 0805 PIU503 VIN SW PIU505 PIR3701 PIC4201 PIC4301 R37COR37 C42COC42 B PIC4401 B COC43C43 6 1 COC44 C44 PIU506 EN FB PIU501 1M 1% 15pF PIC4302 PIC4202 CC 47uF 6V3 PIC4402 CC 47uF 6V3 PIR3702 PIR3801 PIU502 PIU504 PIU507 COR38 R38 GND GND 220k 1% PIR3901 PIR3802 R39COR39 220k 1% COR40 R40 SHDN EN5V GND PIR3902 PIR4001 PIR4002 1k GND COL7 L7 2uH2 1V0 COGN6 3V3 GN6 PIL701 PIL702 PIGN601 L8COL8 2uH2 1V8 COU7 PIC4601 U7 NCP1529 SMALL GN TEST POINT C46COC46 3V3 COGN7GN7 PIL801 PIL802 PIGN701 3 5 PIU703 VIN SW PIU705 10uF PIR4101 UCOU88 NCP1529 SMALL PIC4701 GN TEST POINT PIR4201 PIC4602 PIC4801 COC47 C47 PID30K R41COR41 COC48C48 3 5 COD3 COR42 PIU803 PIU805 PIR4301 D3 R42 6 1 VIN SW 10uF PIU706 EN FB PIU701 147k 1% 15pF PIC4702 PIC4901 PID30A PIC4802 100mA 30V 10k R43COR43 C49COC49 PIR4102 6 1 PIU806 PIU801 PIR4202 GND EN FB 200k 1% 15pF PIC5601 PIC4902 PIU702 PIU704 PIU707 C56COC56 PIR4302 PIC5602 GND PIC5001 100nF PIU802 PIU804 PIU807 COC50 C50 C PIR4401 C 100nF PIC5002 R44COR44 PIR4501 GND 200k 1% COR45 R45 GND PIR4402 100k 1% GND PIR4502 GND GND GND COFID1FID1 FIDCOFID22 FID FID PIFID10FID PIFID20FID Fiducial 0.5mm Fiducial 0.5mm COFID3FID3 FIDCOFID44 FID FID PIFID30FID PIFID40FID Fiducial 0.5mm Fiducial 0.5mm D D ACME Systems srl Title ARIETTA G25 POWER Size: A4 Number: Revision:1.0 Date: 26/06/2014 Time: 17:42:01 Sheet2 of 2 File: C: MySyncFolder PCB 1 AriettaG25 Arietta Power.SchDoc 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 GND 4 GND 7 GND 1 GND 2 GND 4 GND 7 GND 2 GND 4 GND 7 GND

Tariff Concession Code
Tariff Desc

8542.31.00 63 No Hybrid integrated circuits

Electronic integrated circuits: Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits
Monolithic integrated circuits, Digital: