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Transformers Audio & Signal
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    • Primary Impedance : 600 Ohms
    • Product : Telecom Transformers
    • Secondary Impedance : 600 Ohm Split
    • Brand : tamurA
    • Manufacturer : tamurA
Tamura is a world-class manufacturer of high quality electronic components for global markets. With 2016 sales greater than 900 Million US Dollars, Tamura Corporation is one of the largest suppliers of magnetic components and power supplies in the world. Publicly traded on the First Section Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Tamura has proven financial strength, innovation and ability to grow for more than 90 years. Tamura's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and Mexico support leading edge technologies for the future's high demand applications.
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Image Mfr. Part No. Description Stock
Stock Image TTC-8139 4096
Stock Image TTC-119 Inductor Wirewound 2H -10% to 50% 1KHz 60mA 180Ohm DCR Pin 19
Stock Image TTC-248N TTC-248N 3121
Stock Image CMF-2056 1
Stock Image TTC-10 Telecom Transformer 1:0.736/1:0.736 57Ohm Prim. DCR 42Ohm/42Ohm Sec. DCR 6Term. PC Pin Thru-Hole 183
Stock Image TTC-09 Telecom Transformer 1:1.03 36Ohm Prim. DCR 50Ohm Sec. DCR 6Term. PC Pin Thru-Hole 943
Stock Image 3FL10-600/ROHS 360
Stock Image 820A0064-03 Tamura 43
Stock Image NCN-0505 NCN-0505 90
Image Mfr. Part No. Description Stock
Stock Image CX2041NLT Pulse Transformers Audio & Signal XFMR,RF,RACQ-LITE 2367
Stock Image MABA-000001-75KIT1 MACOM Transformers Audio & Signal 75 Ohm Design Kit 10 pcs 12 PNs 5
Stock Image MABA-007159-000000 Transformers Audio & Signal 4.5-3000MHz IL 2dB Impedance Ratio 1:1 5940
Stock Image MABA-007237-ETC410 Transformers Audio & Signal 1.0-350MHz IL 3dB Impedance Ratio 1:4 1025
Stock Image MABA-007871-CT1A40 Transformers Audio & Signal 5-3000MHz Imp. 1:1 50 & 75 ohm 1859
Stock Image MABA-008639-TC41T7 Transformers Audio & Signal 6-1000MHz IL 3dB Impedance Ratio 1:4 1955
Stock Image MABA-010012-ES4302 Transformers Audio & Signal 30-2500MHz IL 2dB Impedance Ratio 1:4 456
Stock Image MABA-011002 MACOM Transformers Audio & Signal 5-200MHz IL .8dB Imp Ratio 4:1 1944
Stock Image MABA-011013 MACOM Transformers Audio & Signal 45-1200MHz IL .7dB Imp Ratio1:1 1538
Stock Image MABA-011039 Transformers Audio & Signal 1-300MHz 1:4 Imped. 75 ohm 1164

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