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OP Amp Dual GP R-R O/P 5.5V 8-Pin MSOP T/R
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    • Manufacturer : National Semiconductor
    • Brand : National Semiconductor
    • Rohs - XON : 1
    • Gbp - Gain Bandwidth Product : 0.13Mhz
    • Sr - Slew Rate : 0.058 V/Us
    • Cmrr - Common Mode Rejection Ratio : 81 Db
    • Ib - Input Bias Current : 0.003 nA
    • Vos - Input Offset Voltage : 0.15 mV
    • Mounting Style : Surface Mount
    • Packaging : Tape And Reel
    • Technology : Cmos
    • Operating Temp Range : -40c to 125C
    • Package Type : Msop
    • Pin Count : 8
    • Number Of Elements : 2
    • Operating Temperature Classification : Automotive
    • Dual Supply Voltage (Typ) : not required V
    • Power Supply Requirement : Single
    • Dual Supply Voltage (Min) : not required V
    • Rail/Rail I/O Type : Rail To Rail Output
    • Shut Down Feature : No
    • Rad Hardened : No
    • Single Supply Voltage (Min) : 1.6 V
    • Single Supply Voltage (Max) : 5.5 V
    • Single Supply Voltage (Typ) : 3/5 V
    • Dual Supply Voltage (Max) : not required V
    • Power Supply Rejection Ratio : 83 Db
    • Voltage Gain In Db : 120 Db
National Semiconductor Corporation, a semiconductor company, designs, develops, manufactures, and markets analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and sub-systems. The company’s product portfolio includes power management circuits, audio and operational amplifiers, analog-to-digital or digital-to-analog converters, communication interface circuits, lighting and display circuits, adaptive voltage scaling circuits, and radio frequency integrated circuits, as well as power references, regulators, and switches. It offers PowerWise family of products enable systems that consume less power, to extend battery life and generate less heat. The company’s products serve various markets and applications, such as wireless handsets, automotive applications and other portable applications, factory and office automation, wireless base stations, medical applications, network infrastructure, photovoltaic systems, industrial and sensing applications, and LED lighting. It markets its products to original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers through a direct sales force. The company was founded in 1959 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. As of September 23, 2011, National Semiconductor Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Texas Instruments Inc.
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Image Mfr. Part No. Description Stock
Stock Image LM431CIM V-Ref Adjustable 2.495V to 37V 100mA 8-Pin SOIC N Rail 6840
Stock Image LM385M3-2.5 V-Ref Precision 2.5V 20mA 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R 19
Stock Image LM2682MMX/NOPB Charge Pump INV/STPUP -2V to -5.5V/4V to 11V 8-Pin MSOP T/R 7000
Stock Image LM385M3X-1.2/NOPB Voltage References MICROPWR VLTG REF DIODE 79
Stock Image LM45CIM3X Temp Sensor Analog 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R 9000
Stock Image LM3526M-H USB Power SW Hi Side Dual 5.5V 2.2A 8-Pin SOIC N Rail 715
Stock Image LM4040DEM3-2.5/NOPB IC VREF SHUNT PREC 2.5V SOT-23-3 12000
Stock Image LM22677EVAL/NOPB 2
Stock Image LM2575S-5.0 Conv DC-DC Single Step Down 4V to 40V 6-Pin(5+Tab) TO-263 45
Stock Image LM35AH Temp Sensor Analog Serial (2-Wire) 3-Pin TO-46 Box 233
Image Mfr. Part No. Description Stock
Stock Image EVAL01-HMC1013LP4E Analog Devices Hittite Amplifier IC Development Tools Eval PCB 1
Stock Image EVAL-ADCMP562BRQZ Amplifier IC Development Tools EVAL BRD ADCMP562 2
Stock Image EVAL-ADCMP564BRQZ Amplifier IC Development Tools EVAL BRD ADCMP564 2
Stock Image EVAL-ADCMP565BPZ Analog Devices Amplifier IC Development Tools EVAL-ADCMP565BPZ 2
Stock Image EVAL-ADCMP566BCPZ Amplifier IC Development Tools EVAL BRD AD53539 2
Stock Image EVAL-ADCMP582BCPZ Amplifier IC Development Tools EVAL BRD ADCMP582 3
Stock Image EVAL-ADCMP606BKSZ Analog Devices Amplifier IC Development Tools EVAL BRD ADCMP606 2
Stock Image EVAL-ADCMP607BCPZ Analog Devices Amplifier IC Development Tools EVAL-ADCMP607 1
Stock Image EVAL-ADM1191EBZ Amplifier IC Development Tools EVAL BRD ADM1191 3
Stock Image EVAL-FDA-1RZ-8 Amplifier IC Development Tools Single Differential Amp Eval Board-8L 13

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