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Optocouplers SMD-4 RoHS
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    • Manufacturer : Everlight
    • Category : High Speed Optocouplers
    • Rohs : Y
    • Package : Smd-4
    • Brand Category : Everlight
    • Product Type : Transistor Output Optocouplers
    • Number Of Channels : 1
    • Voltage-Isolation : 5000Vrms
    • Output-Voltagemax : 35V
    • Output-Currentmax : 50mA
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Stock Image EL817S(B)(TU)-F

Optocouplers SMD-4 RoHS

Everlight 398900
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Everlight Americas Inc. is the North American Sales arm of Everlight Electronics – a leading global Optoelectronics manufacturer of low and high Power VISIBLE LED’s, SMD and Thru-Hole Lamps, Digital Displays, INFRARED Emitters, Optical Sensors, Fiber Optic and Optocoupler components. They provide solutions for various applications in the lighting, consumer, computing, automotive, telecommunication and industrial market segments. Everlight’s rapid growth to become a top ten Optoelectronics supplier is the combined result of its well-engineered products, highly efficient manufacturing facilities and extensive global supply chain. Founded in 1983, Everlight is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with over 5,600 employees and sales offices in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Germany, Sweden, U.S.A. (also supporting all North American countries - Canada, Mexico, etc.).
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Image Mfr. Part No. Description Stock
Stock Image HLMP-2550 LED Uni-Color Green 565nm 8-Pin SIP 250
Stock Image HLMP-1700 LED Uni-Color Red 635nm 2-Pin T-100 T/R 329
Stock Image HLMP-1503 LED Uni-Color Green 562nm 2-Pin T-1 700
Stock Image 484-10SYGT/S530-E2 Standard LEDs - Through Hole AllnGaP 702
Stock Image HLMP-4700 LED Uni-Color Red 635nm 2-Pin T-1 3/4 750
Stock Image 91-21SYGC/S530-E2/TR9 Standard LEDs - SMD Super Yellow Green 573nm 330mcd 1000
Stock Image 264-7UYC/S400-A9 Standard LEDs - Through Hole Super Yellow 1000
Stock Image 383URC/H2 LED 1355
Stock Image HLMP-4740 LED Uni-Color Green 565nm 2-Pin T-1 3/4 1424
Stock Image MV5054A-1 LED Uni-Color Red 660nm 2-Pin T-1 3/4 1462
Image Mfr. Part No. Description Stock
Stock Image MOCD213R2M Optocoupler; SMD; Channels:2; Out: transistor; 2.5kV; SO8 27500
Stock Image PS2502-4 Optocouplers DIP-16 RoHS 21
Stock Image LTV-8441 Transistor Output Optocouplers Optocoupler 832
Stock Image PS2705A-1-F3-A Transistor Output Optocouplers SGL Tr AC Couplr 7270
Stock Image LTV-8241 Transistor Output Optocouplers Optocoupler 772
Stock Image LTV-817S-TA1-B Optocoupler; SMD; Channels:1; Out: transistor; Uinsul:5kV; Uce:35V 31430
Stock Image LTV-817M-C Optocouplers DIP-4 RoHS 282
Stock Image LTV-816X-C Optocouplers DIP-4 RoHS 8875
Stock Image LTV-816S-TA1 Optocoupler; SMD; Channels:1; Out: transistor; Uinsul:5kV; Uce:80V 5780
Stock Image LTV-814S-TA1 Optocoupler; SMD; Channels:1; Out: transistor; Uinsul:5kV; Uce:35V 14325

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